Application Developers

FusionOps API

Weave supply chain intelligence into the DNA of your enterprise applications.

Seamless Access to Supply Chain Intelligence

Embed FusionOps’ supply chain intelligence seamlessly into your IT landscape.

Beautiful Clean Data

Easily integrate the industry’s most trusted supply chain information into any of your apps. No data wrangling required.

Well Documented

Code samples, working demonstrations, and clear documentation make learning easy.

Simple, Standard, RESTful

REST-compliant web service calls return useful and complete JSON-formatted results.


APIs adhere to role-based security standards in FusionOps and won’t compromise or complicate data security.

Data API

Bring supply chain intelligence closer to users. Use the Data API to quickly integrate FusionOps into enterprise applications, mobile apps or Hadoop data lakes.


Make applications beautiful. Embed live infographics from FusionOps into any application or web portal with the FusionOps Web API.