• Big Data Platform

    Harmonizes unlimited data sources
    and has an open API for
    application integration.

    Supply Image

    Supply Chain Expertise

    50+ Properietory supply chain models with
    1,000+ metrics and live infographics.

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    Data Science for Business Users

    Combined diagnostic, predictive,
    prescriptive analytics provide the only
    solution built for business users.


    Turn Data into Actionable Business Knowledge

    Easy-to-consume supply chain insights from unlimited sources of data on any device.


    Advanced Analytics for Everyone

    Data scientists shouldn’t have all the fun. Now, anyone can use advanced descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analytics for making even more reliable decisions.


    Built for Your Supply Chain

    Analytical models are purpose-built for the supply chain to improve your margins, reduce costs, and improve working capital.


    Make Decisions with Confidence

    From the boardroom to the shop floor - get accurate, relevant, timely supply chain information from the trusted source, FusionOps.

  • Beautiful Views of Your Supply Chain

    Stunning Visual Analytics

    Gorgeous infographics combined with powerful root-cause analysis reveal opportunities to maximize supply chain performance.

    Remove Data Silos

    Improve the accuracy of your reporting by having access to supply chain analytics information across every department in your entire organization.

    Built-In Intelligence

    We have the answers you’re looking for. FusionOps provides standardized, enterprise-wide metrics prepopulated.

  • Intelligence for You

    Whether your role is managing the Supply Chain or in IT, FusionOps has you covered.

  • Improve Each Link In Your Supply Chain


    Never lose sight of products with end-to-end manufacturing lead time diagnostics. Eliminate bottlenecks, mitigate future risk and streamline operations.


    Follow the money. Get more control over of your order-to-cash process connecting credit, customer sales, shipment and A/R.


    Evaluate and understand trade-offs to optimize your procurement process. Improve supplier delivery performance, find savings, reduce risk.

  • Application Suite of Supply Chain Analytics

    Desktop-based BI tools lead to islands of data and no clear answers. FusionOps provides a suite of supply chain applications that deliver answers to help you maximize performance across your entire supply chain.

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