Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment

Filling orders on time is a must. Your customers won’t wait. Get a complete view of your order fulfillment processes connecting customer shipments, sales, inventory, and sourcing data.

Be Fully Aware and Totally Responsive

Increase On-Time, In Full (OTIF):

Want to see into the future? Look into your past. FusionOps makes analysis of historical demand and inventory a simple — yet critical — part of smarter ongoing ordering policy. Planning, supply chain, sales, and purchasing departments, all share the view so when problems strike, people can collaborate on finding the root cause and quickly fixing it.

Reduce Backorders:

Your customers want it but you can’t give it to them… and revenue is lost. FusionOps interactive inventory maps give perfect visibility into your distribution centers, plants, and retail locations to quickly shift excess goods into needy locations. Supply chain managers fill backorders and sales teams can engage customers with alternative products before the shipment is missed.

Improve cycle time:

The way to tighten your supply chain? Remove your bottlenecks. With FusionOps end-to-end, infographic views of your entire order-to-cash cycle, you can spot and investigate lags and stoppages to push cycle time faster, improving the order management processes.

Other Business Benefits


Stay on top of your inventory investment. FusionOps provides a graphical, end-to-end picture of inventory metrics best practices, ensuring that opportunities for revenue or cost cutting are never missed.

Order Fulfillment

Delight customers with on-time orders. FusionOps offers a complete view of your order fulfillment processes, connecting customer shipments, sales, inventory, and sourcing data.


Optimize your buying with supplier performance dashboards. See new opportunities for savings and make sure that you are keeping customers happy.