Inventory Metrics

Move Inventory

It’s common knowledge. Stuff sitting around a warehouse is a money loser. So how do you prevent your inventory from getting dusty?

Make it visible. All the time.

End-to-End Inventory Visibility

Increase Inventory Turnover

Don’t let the dust settle… on your revenues. Track and improve inventory turnover by allowing Sales, Planners and Buyers to fully collaborate over dashboards that offer everyone the same picture.

Avoid Shortages and Stockouts

Optimize replenishment and inventory placement with visibility into all locations, products, and available materials across the globe. Give planners and supply chain managers the foresight they need to maximize product availability while minimizing sitting inventory.

Eliminate Excess Inventory

Write-downs are wrong..and expensive. Give your sales and planning teams the opportunity to quickly sell slow moving stock and eliminate redundant buying throughout your supply chain. No more hidden inventory.

Other Business Benefits


Stay on top of your inventory investment. FusionOps provides a graphical, end-to-end picture of inventory metrics best practices, ensuring that opportunities for revenue or cost cutting are never missed.

Order Fulfillment

Delight customers with on-time orders. FusionOps offers a complete view of your order fulfillment processes, connecting customer shipments, sales, inventory, and sourcing data.


Optimize your buying with supplier performance dashboards. See new opportunities for savings and make sure that you are keeping customers happy.

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