Pre-Built Supply Chain Analytics Fast, Easy, Affordable

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Supply Chain Analytics – Not Years, Not Months, But Days

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Get valuable metrics in 1 day

FusionOps combines patented integration technology with SAP and supply chain domain expertise to deliver over 1,000 metrics, dashboards, and reports to your business in just one day.

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…Customize in 1 week

Both executive-level dashboards and detailed operational/tactical reports can be quickly and easily fine tuned to meet your unique requirements.

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…Go live in 1 month

Role based access combined with a ridiculously easy to use, yet incredibly powerful user interface enables tons of users to jump on board quickly.

Supply Chain Reporting is Broken – Fix It With Next Generation Supply Chain Analytics

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    For Business Users

    Supply Chain KPIs – instantly
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    For IT Departments

    Single, integrated BI stack
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    The Fusionops Advantage

    The hard work is already done

Why FusionOps?

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    Up and running in one day for SAP

    Pre-built metrics, delivered in a day, can be quickly configured with customer-specific rules
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    Dashboard-to-details analytics

    Executive-level dashboards and detailed operational reports with self-service fine tuning
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    Over 1,000 pre-built metrics

    Best-practice KPIs – like PPV, OTIF, and inventory aging – right out-of-the-box
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    Incredibly fast analytics

    Fast, secure and scalable by leveraging FusionOps’ cloud-based, Big Data infrastructure