FusionOps for Supply Chain

Synchronized Supply Chain: Deliver Success

Now your supply chain can meet the unique needs of your customers while helping your business thrive.

Improve Service Level

Stockpiling inventory and using premium freight isn’t the answer to keeping your customers happy. Meeting customer expectations and minimizing excess inventory requires a synchronized supply chain that runs like a well oiled machine from end-to-end. FusionOps aligns key stakeholders from planning, sales, procurement and inventory around actionable intelligence to make customers smile and help your business thrive.


Optimize Inventory

Fix the mix. Inaccurate inventory planning hurts on-time delivery performance and adds unnecessary cost. The FusionOps Supply Chain Intelligence Cloud uses data science to prescribe optimal safety stock and find opportunities to reduce working capital for an unlimited number of products. Simply connect your data and FusionOps will show you where you can improve.


Improve Forecast Accuracy

It’s time to evolve beyond outdated, inaccurate forecasting algorithms. FusionOps uses the latest machine learning techniques to improve accuracy by more than 20% over traditional methods. Dozens of pre-defined algorithms are automatically selected at the product-location level, so you get an incredibly precise forecast that can be viewed at any level of granularity.

Increase Supply Reliability

Get proactive with suppliers’ on-time performance. FusionOps uses machine learning to predict supplier delivery failures so you can take action before your supply chain and customers are impacted. Stay updated in real-time with automatic alerts. Keep everyone on the same page with live infographics that show the entire procure-to-pay cycle.