Production Planning

Plan Supply Chain Reports Accurately

Production planning is the key ingredient to success of your manufacturing organization. Get visibility into MRP, planned orders and material risk, ensuring that products are built on-schedule and delivered on-time.

Pre-Populate Analytics for Manufacturing Performance Metrics

Ready-to-use Dashboards, Metrics and Reports.


Get visibility into MRP exceptions and aging of action messages

MRP History

FusionOps captures and stores MRP, enabling companies to spot trends and identify potential issues in the BOM


Stay on top of material shortages and other issues that could delay builds

Plan Orders

Track plan order status and forecasting

Production Orders

Track open production orders, cycle time and schedule adherence

A Beautiful View of Production Planning


Application Suite of Supply Chain Analytics

Desktop-based BI tools lead to islands of data and no clear answers. FusionOps provides a suite of supply chain applications that deliver answers to help you maximize performance across your entire supply chain.

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    Deconstructing Supply Chain Analytics

    Learn from Gartner analyst, Noha Tohamy, on how companies use supply chain analytics to make better business decisions.

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    Supply Chain Insights: Accelerate Time to Insights

    Learn from CEO of Supply Chain Insights, Lora Cecere, about how to accelerate time-to-insights to drive measurable business results.

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    Industry 4.0: Are You Ready?

    Check out this eBook to learn what you need to know about Industry 4.0 and how to position your supply chain for success.

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