Finance Better

It’s all about the numbers for supply chain finance. FusionOps’ finance analytics provide real-time answers for predicting cash flow, customer credit-worthiness and maximize working capital.

Pre-populated Analytics for Finance

Ready-to-Use Dashboards, Metrics and Reports.

A/R, A/P and Payment Terms

Pre-built dashboards for A/R aging and A/P against payment terms

Gross Margin Reporting

Find your most (and least) profitable customers and products

Cash Forecasting

Predict your company’s cash position under worst case scenarios with ‘what-if’ analysis

Credits and Discounts

Get a handle on customer credit activity, give sales visibility into credit holds

A Beautiful View of Finance


Application Suite of Supply Chain Analytics

Desktop-based BI tools lead to islands of data and no clear answers. FusionOps provides a suite of supply chain applications that deliver answers to help you maximize performance across your entire supply chain.