Benefits for IT

No more struggling with complicated spreadsheets and ERP reports, FusionOps provides remarkable visibility into your supply chain with best-practice-based metrics and a user-friendly analytics environment

Deliver a Great Experience to Your Business Users

Deliver pre-built, best-practice-based dashboards to your business users in an easy-to-use, Web 2.0 application. Integrated features include: root cause analysis, sharing and collaboration, integration with Microsoft Office products, and the ability to easily edit and create reports and dashboards – enabling a true self-service experience.

Be a Hero!

Tired of playing catch up? Bogged down with reports that you need to deliver? FusionOps accelerates report and dashboard creation, improving your IT team’s productivity, and delighting your business users. Your role is transformed from doing table joins, synching data fields, and creating endless variations of reports, to delivering greater value to the business.

Join the Big Data and Cloud Revolutions

Powered by its cloud-based, Big Data platform, the FusionOps application can support even immense data sets. And, it’s lightning fast, enabling instant analytics. Why wait hours or weeks to run reports? With FusionOps’ Big Data platform, it takes just seconds.

Control Your Data

FusionOps understands your role as “guardian of the data,” and has built-in data controls to ensure a single source of truth. FusionOps provides an easy to use Admin Console to quickly assign user roles and enforce business security rules. You can also integrate FusionOps with your corporate directory services, like Active Directory, to enable single sign on.

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