Benefits for Business

No more struggling with complicated spreadsheets and ERP reports. FusionOps provides remarkable visibility into your supply chain with best-practice-based metrics and a user-friendly analytics environment

Best Practice Metrics – Out-of-the-Box

Get the metrics that you’ve always wanted. FusionOps provides thousands of metrics, tickers, pre-built reports and analytics for your supply chain visibility. Need PPV, On-Time In Full (OTIF), inventory aging, A/R and A/P aging, customer profitability, or fill rate? FusionOps has you covered. All of these metrics, and more, are available out-of-the-box.

Amazingly Fast Analytics

Blink and it’s done. FusionOps enables an interactive experience where one metric leads to the next, allowing you to traverse your supply chain and identify root causes in seconds. And, the data is always fresh – no more waiting for static reports that are already stale when you finally receive them.

Brilliantly Simple, Incredibly Powerful

Easily and dynamically fine tune both high-level and deep, detailed reports, based on supply chain best-practice templates. Need to add a column? It’s easy. Want to create a new report? Easy. Save a snapshot of your data to share with your colleague or compare with last month’s data? Just hit the snapshot button. FusionOps is designed with you, the business user, in mind.

Surprisingly Affordable

FusionOps enables SAP customers to be up and running in a day, on a cloud-based, Big Data infrastructure that provides best-practice analytics incredibly fast. FusionOps’ customers subscribe to a cloud-based application that is fast, easy, intelligent, and affordable.

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