About FusionOps

A new generation of cloud-based, “Intelligent” BI for the supply chain.

A Unique Combination of Technology and Business Domain Expertise

FusionOps is a “domain-based” Business Intelligence (BI) company that brings together cloud, Big Data, and a next-generation, user-friendly BI stack to deliver remarkable insights into your supply chain – in just a few days. Unlike traditional BI tools, which take months of costly and complicated IT work to provide value, the FusionOps application provides thousands of metrics, tickers, configurable analytics and, of course, good old reports, right out-of-the-box, demonstrating the power of these technologies to deliver immediate value to your enterprise.

The FusionOps application provides an easy way for business users to fine-tune the pre-built analytics, to create new analytics, from scratch, to suit their unique needs, and easily drill down to minute details about any metric. In addition, the FusionOps application includes collaborative analytics and social networking features, like the kind found in Facebook and instant messaging. Combining pre-built visual analytics with social networking provides a powerful collaboration framework that is, by far, the fastest and most effective way to deliver results using business intelligence.

Founded by supply chain, ERP, and Big Data experts, FusionOps has a laser-like focus on providing pre-built supply chain analytics for all manufacturers. It serves a diverse set of industries including: apparel and sportswear, mining, medical equipment, electronics, and energy companies.

FusionOps has Been Recognized by Leading Industry Analysts

FusionOps was named a ‘cool business intelligence vendor for 2010’ by Gartner Research for its innovative and unique approach to enterprise business analytics.

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